Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU creates engaging learning games for not only students but also faculty & staff as well.  Breakout EDU games can be used in any content area, for team building activities or for professional development. The games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving by presenting participants with a series of challenges. Speciality K-12 Breakouts can be used to teach core academic subjects including math, science, history, language arts and have embedded standards.




A Breakout EDU  session involves a complex set of puzzles that participants need to solve in order to” break out” of a situation. There’s an underlying story that goes with the clues to tie everything together.  Breakout EDU  gives you access to game narratives that you can use in the classroom and a template that allows you to create your own stories.

By Reserving a Breakout Box, you’re able to play countless Breakouts. The box comes with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys, and other “diversion hardware” that can be used to play the Breakout challenges available from the Breakout EDU store Currently, all the games in the game directory are free! To get more inspiration or game ideas visit the BreakoutEDU Blog or the Breakout EDU Facebook Page.

To get started complete the following steps:

  1. go to the Breakout EDU  site and complete the Beta Form to get the password or email
  2. Look through the games & find the one that best fits your needs
  3. Review how Breakout EDU works
  4. View the Facilitator Presentation
  5. Reserve a Breakout EDU Box

You can also explore the BreakoutEDU movement more by:

  1. Joining the Breakout EDU Facebook Group
  2. Reading the Breakout EDU Blog
  3. Creating your own games