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Quizizz is a free fun multiplayer classroom review tool, that allows all your students to practice and learn together. Super-easy to create quizzes and super-fun to use with avatars, leaderboards, themes, music and memes to keep your students on their toes!

What more? There are millions of public quizzes. You can access the detailed class and student-level data at the end of each quiz which gives you an insight of the entire class.

Click on the Smore below to learn more about how to use Quizizz in your classroom:

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Nearpod is a  platform that enables teachers to manage content on students’ mobile devices (iPad, Chromebook, phone). It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

To learn more about Nearpod and how to use it in the classroom, click on the Smore below:

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Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school and share it with their teachers, parents, classmates, and even the world.

For students, Seesaw helps them see their own growth and provides an audience for their work – whether that be peers, parents, or the world at large.

For parents, Seesaw gives an immediate, personalized window into their child’s day so they can support learning at home.

For teachers, Seesaw saves time on organization and communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach digital citizenship skills

Click on the smore below to find out more about this great tool:



Lucidpress is a web-based (nothing to install) drag-and-drop publishing and graphic design tool that allows students to create and share both print and digital content.Teachers can use this tool to create their own materials, like parent newsletters or class presentations. For students, Lucidpress is especially useful for group projects that involve collaborating on a poster, report, or digital presentation. Multiple users can work on a project at once, in real time, as well as chat and leave comments. Teachers can request a free Educational account, which is the equivalent of a paid Team or Pro account, and provides access to all features. This is a great tool for upper elementary, middle and high school. The interface is difficult for younger students.

Click on the picture below to learn more about Lucidpress:

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Maker Space Ideas

This is the first in a series of posts addressing how to incorporate a maker space in your curriculum. Each guide includes lesson plans that are subject and level specific. The guide below was based on our Middle School Social Studies Curriculum that includes Western Civilization in grades 6 & 7 and American History in grade 8. Click on the picture below to access the guide.

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Google Takeout

Attention Seniors!

As we approach the end of the year, seniors need to know that they can use Google Takeout to download and transfer everything that they have created under their LMTSD google account (which will be longer be active after June 30th) to a personal Google Account or compressed file. To accomplish this click on the picture below:

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Virtual Locker to Google Drive Transition for LMTSD Staff

All  LMTSD staff is encouraged to move their H drive to Google Drive because accessing your network files via virtual locker will no longer be available at the end of this school year. To access your files remotely staff will have to use Google Drive. This will also impact access to inboxes & outboxes.  Staff is encouraged to use Google Classroom to share files with students.

I created a Smore with information and helpful links, handouts, videos, etc. for you to use as a resource for the transition.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.35.23 PM

  • To view the Smore click here



  • To view the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Transition, click here


  • To schedule an appointment with Mary Agnew, LMTSD’s Technology Integrator to help you move your files  click here

Updating Your Website

The Flex Editor app for school wires will no longer be accessible next school year. All district staff is encouraged to move their webpage information from their Flex Editor to the Content Editor App. Below are instructions for accomplishing this task. If you would like 1:1 help for this process,  set up an appointment with LMTSD”s Technology Integrator Mary Agnew 

1.Log into site manager (instructions for getting to site manager – courtesy of Megan Smith)



2.Click on the page you wish to edit



3.Click on Manage apps & layout


4. Click on add app, add the “content” app



5. Name your new page the same as the old page and click on “create new page”



6. Once you have both pages created click on “I’m Done”



7. Click on Flex Editor and edit and copy everything from the page and paste it into the Content Page. On the content page, you will not be able to change the background color and the font type, you will however be able to change the font size and color among many other options (At this time you may want to open up the second tab and open up your web page via the faculty directory. This will allow you to see what your page should look like so that you can make changes to keep the look of your original page)  

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8. After you have made all of your changes and have saved your content page you can delete your Flex Editor Page

9.If you want to add a video, you will need to add another app “Embed Code” to your page              


10. Go to your YouTube Video, click on share, click on embed and before you  copy the embeddable code make sure that you unclick “show suggested videos.”    

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11. Copy the code & paste it in the Embed Code box. 


12. Embedded videos are automatically left justified to change your video to be centered add <center><div> before iframe at the beginning of the code and <div><center> at the end of the code



Loading an Audio File to Google Drive From Your Phone

Whether you are doing a downloadpodcast or a musical performance, loading an audio file to google  Drive is a very simple task no matter what device you are using.

If you are using a smart phone/tablet, download the Google Drive App before completing the steps below:


Android Voice Recorder to Google Drive

On your Android device go to Tools

  1. In tools, open your voice recorder
  2. Make a Voice recordingandroid
  3. After you have made the voice recording click “share”
  4. Share your recording with your drive
  5. Give your recording a name

iPhone/iPad  Voice Memos to Google Classroom


  1. Record yourself in voice memos
  2. Save your recording as your name
  3. Click on the share button (rectangle with an arrow pointing up)
  4. Click on the Google Dive icon
  5. Share your recording with your drive

Motorola Phones

  1. Download the smart voice recorder app onto your phone
  2. Make a Voice recording2000px-motorola_m_symbol_blue-svg
  3. After you have made the voice recording click “share”
  4. Share your recording with your drive
  5. Give your recording a name


Adding sound in Moovly

Adding sound in Moovly is very simple however you need to be in Moovly Classic to add sound. There are 3 ways to add sound:

    1. Upload an MP3 file to your Personal Library using the small speaker icon you find on the bottom left-hand side of the Editor.  Make sure you possess the copyright of the sounds you upload! Read Moovly’s Terms & Conditions for more information.

Follow these instructions  if you want to download recording from your phone to your Google Drive (for the Chromebooks)

    2. Import a sound from the Moovly Marketplace. All music samples and sounds there are copyright-free.
    3.  Record your sound (e.g. your voice) using the small Microphone icon you find on the bottom left-hand side of the Editor. Below is a video describing how to do this:
    More Questions about Moovly- For instructional videos on a variety of topics go to:

Moovly Academy