Technology Integration provides educational resources and support to LMTSD’s schools in order to effectively integrate technology in the curriculum. LMTSD’s goal is to provide innovative methodologies, concepts, and practices that are research-based and empirically validated to empower teachers to use technology as a tool that will radically transform the way they teach and the way students learn.

LMTSD’s technological vision is a digital future in which computing is pervasive and support is universal. In their role as powerful managers of information, teachers, support staff, and administrators collaboratively work to facilitate learning. The entire enterprise is organized to serve students as they create, collaborate, critically analyze, synthesize and contribute to knowledge creation so that in the end, they can become effective and responsible citizens of the future.

This vision is aligned with LMTSD’s Beliefs, most notably that:

  • We believe that it is our responsibility to provide every student with the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential
  • We believe in a balanced, diverse, well-rounded and challenging curriculum that:
    • emphasizes active learning
    • addresses the varying needs of all students
    • promotes critical thinking & problem solving
    • encourages positive choices & healthy living
  • We believe that the ultimate goals of the school experience are to enable students to be successful in an ever changing world

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