Updating Your Website

The Flex Editor app for school wires will no longer be accessible next school year. All district staff is encouraged to move their webpage information from their Flex Editor to the Content Editor App. Below are instructions for accomplishing this task. If you would like 1:1 help for this process,  set up an appointment with LMTSD”s Technology Integrator Mary Agnew 

1.Log into site manager (instructions for getting to site manager – courtesy of Megan Smith)



2.Click on the page you wish to edit



3.Click on Manage apps & layout


4. Click on add app, add the “content” app



5. Name your new page the same as the old page and click on “create new page”



6. Once you have both pages created click on “I’m Done”



7. Click on Flex Editor and edit and copy everything from the page and paste it into the Content Page. On the content page, you will not be able to change the background color and the font type, you will however be able to change the font size and color among many other options (At this time you may want to open up the second tab and open up your web page via the faculty directory. This will allow you to see what your page should look like so that you can make changes to keep the look of your original page)  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8. After you have made all of your changes and have saved your content page you can delete your Flex Editor Page

9.If you want to add a video, you will need to add another app “Embed Code” to your page              


10. Go to your YouTube Video, click on share, click on embed and before you  copy the embeddable code make sure that you unclick “show suggested videos.”    

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


11. Copy the code & paste it in the Embed Code box. 


12. Embedded videos are automatically left justified to change your video to be centered add <center><div> before iframe at the beginning of the code and <div><center> at the end of the code



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