Introducing Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables students to add images, documents, & videos on which other students can comment. LMTSD has a district subscription for Voice Thread so you take take full advantage of this excellent online tool. Over the next few posts I will be going through how to log in, create and ways to use Voice Thread in the classroom.

What is Voicethread?


How do I log into my LMTSD Voice Thread account?

It is really simple to log into your LMTSD Voice Thread account using your LMTSD log-in. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Chrome browser and click on the “ Bookmarks” tab

2. Click on “sign in”


3. Sign in using your LMTSD login


4. This will take you to your Voice Thread homepage where you can browse already created        Voice Threads or create your own



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