Month: June 2016

How to Import Data from a Google Sheet into A Map

Importing data from a Google spreadsheet to a Google Map is a great way to display certain information it very easy to visually display your data. Your first step is to create a Google form to  gather answers create a form for students to fill out. On the form  make sure that one of your questions relates to the address, zipcode or longitude latitude pairs of the places you would like to map. Send the form out to students via a link or by posting on your Google Classroom. After collecting student responses, click on responses and then click on “view responses on Google Sheets” Next click on the apops finder and go into Google Maps from here and click on my places and select the create button. This will create a base map. Next import your data from your Google sheets by clicking on import data and selecting your spreadsheet. Next click on the column for the information that you want to import