Wednesday Web Resource Round-up: Video Slideshow Creation Tools


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.00.59 PM.png

Over the past few weeks I have had several teachers looking for video slideshow tools for a variety of projects from student presentations to end of the year school videos. So I have rounded up the best tools that I could find to help you make easy, engaging and entertaining video slideshows. Note: I am not including iPhoto because I have a previous post on how to create a slide show in iPhoto


Animoto is an online video creation program. You easily can make videos  inserting pictures, videos, and text into a template video style. As a teacher you want to sign up for their Animoto Classroom Plus account  which is free for one year and allows you to create up to 50 accounts for your students.  They also have a Blog with ideas and lesson plans for using Animoto in your classroom.


PhotoPeach is a fun way to allow younger students or students who are not very tech-savvy to create video slideshows.  Students can create a rich slideshow in seconds with  background music, captions, & comments. It is very easy to use and because it is so simple kids shouldn’t need much help navigating it. Although they offer a PhotoPeach Class premium account for educators there is  cost so I suggest creating a free account which will
still allow you & your students to make great presentation.

We Video

WeVideo allows you to website create stunning and creative video slideshows with videos & photos.  Since it is a cloud, you can access your media from almost anywhere using any internet-enabled device and you or your students can work collaboratively on projects. They have a K-12 educational plan that can be purchased by teachers or school districts but you can also sign up for a free account that still works great but with limited features. They also have a very informative educational Blog that focuses on integrating video technology into the classroom in general and WeVideo Academy gives you access to tutorials and lesson ideas.

ProShow Web

ProShow Web makes the slideshow creation process very easy. All you have to do is pick a theme/template, import your pictures, chose a song, click ‘create slideshow’ and you’re done. It allows users access to a full library of royalty free music.  has a large collection of themes and allows you to share your project over social media. You can sign up for a free account  with limited features. makes the slideshow creation process very easy. All you have to do is pick a theme/template, import your pictures, chose a song, click ‘create slideshow’ and you’re done.


Kizoa is another great video creation video editing online tool. You can make a slideshows, an animated collage, or a video. You can get a free account by signing up for a “basic account.  One Drawback is that it  does not have blank templates to be filled in with color so you have to select pictures that can work as backgrounds.



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