Teacher Tech: Google Drawings

Google Drawings Reviewed by Colleen Quinn-Maxwell (LMHS Health & PE Teacher)

Website: No web address it is one of the tools in the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Suite

Google-compatible: YES

iPad App:  There is no iPad App available however you can get to Google Drawings on an iPad via your web browser

PROS: Easy to use for presentation of information, instructions, online posters, directions, etc.  It is easy to use, has creative options for colors, shapes, backgrounds, is a google app. Students can collaborate & work on same drawing at same time from different computers.

CONS:  Small slide/frame space to work with so limited to what you can display.
Students had difficulty entering text at first and learning to navigate the shapes I created on the drawing attachment.

Specific Teaching Activities:

Health Topic Poster

I utilized google drawings for instructions for a summative online/virtual poster project for my students to demonstrate their comprehension of our last unit where they were able to choose to make a pro or anti campaign poster on a topic that we discussed.  Students had the option to continue to use google drawings to produce their poster or use a powerpoint slide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WaWa Webquest Meal Planning

I also utilized google drawings for students to present information for their nutritional 1 day meal plan after completing a 1 day Wawa Web Quest.  It provided clear formatting and display of information for students and myself for grading/submission

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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