Wednesday Web Resource Roundup: Google Draw

This is the 1st of a weekly series oScreen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.52.19 PM.pngf posts where I will focus on a particular educational topic  and round up great resources for you to explore. IN addition to the post, all of the resources for the weekly round ups can be found on LMTSD’s Symbaloo.  Symbaloo is a visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple to organize your favorite sites into one visual interface. Below is LMTSD’s Symbaloo containing all of the resources that I am discussing today:

Google Draw Resources

Google Drawing is a part of GAFE so you can easily access it through your LMTSD account. You & your students can use the drawing feature to make flow charts, diagrams and other simple graphics. You have a good amount of control over what tools you use, including a variety of line, shape and arrow drawing tools. The best thing about Google drawings is that they are stored in your Google drive, so once one is made it can be shared, updated and uploaded from anywhere. Also  any changes you make later will automatically update even if you have it posted on a Google Site. You can open a Drawing as a standalone document or you can add it  as an element of other google docs & slides by using “Insert” on the tool menu and selecting “Drawing”

Below I are some great of the great Google Draw resources from the web that I was able to round up.  These can also be found on  the LMTSD Symbaloo

  • Teaching with Google Apps post on Google Drawing includes a video tutorial Intro to Google Docs Drawing, offers many ideas for using Google Draw in the classroom and has a great Google Draw Basics infographic
  •  Google Apps PD this post by Pam Shoemaker of Walled lakes Consolidated Schools has great video tutorials including Intro to Google Drawings, Create Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings,  and Interactivity with Google Drawings
  • Coffee Nancy has a great Google Draw Basics infographic
  • Ctrl Alt Del- Eric Curtis’ Google Drawings resource page has everything that a teacher would need to get started using this tool. not only does it have tutorial videos but it also has handouts, presentations and templates for you to use. This site also contains math specific Google Drawing Resources
  •  Ditch That Textbook– Matt Miller has compiled 10 Engaging Google Drawing Activities For Classes including interactive posters and comic strips
  • Cue 14 Diane Main’s presentation Google Drawing No Longer Drive’s Ugly Step Child has great ideas for using Google Draw in your class including Lego stories and having students complete maps via Google Draw
  • Shake Up Learning has two posts about Google Docs in Collaborative Magnetic Poetry With Google Draw Kasey Bell provides you with a template to help students create poetry and in 10 Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom  she offers suggestions such as how to create digital badges and mindmaps.
  • Last but not Least Alice Keeler  the GAFE guru has tons of articles on Google Drawings geared towards beginners or more advanced users


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