Google Sites: Editing Your Pages

In GAFE updating a site page is just like editing a document but you can do more than just adding text. To start click on the pencil in the top right hand corner of the page you want to update. This will open up your editing options that will appear across the top of the page. If you just created the page, the options appear automatically. Below is an overview of some of the basic options:

  1. Insert menu
    • Add images– you can add images by uploading them or by accessing them via their web address (URL) You also have the option of adding “ALT Text” to identify your images.
    • Add links- you can link to another Google Sites page, a Web address or an apps script. You can also choose to have your link open in a new window.
    • Add a table of contents- Google sites can create a tables of contents from the text headers on the page.  
    • Add gadgets under this option you can add snippets from your recent posts, add a text box, add an HTML box (for adding embedded codes or videos) or add other specific gadgets like Google Calendar.
    • Google-specific applicationsadd items from your google drive,  Google Maps, YouTube video, etc.
  2. Format menu and toolbar
    • Format text- you can format your text by choosing your font & text size, the color of your text & the ability to highlight it, the level of page heading and the alignment of the text on the page.
    • Remove text formatting- you can remove the preset formatting of the page in order to customize your content
    • Code- you can edit HTML or CSS content directly
  3. Table menu
    • Insert, delete, and modify table rows and columns
  4. Layout menu
    • Specify the number of columns on the page
    • Add sidebars- sidebars are auxiliary menu found at the edge of a webpage. They can be customized by the site creator and often contain a number of commonly used tools and provide a form of navigation for page viewers.

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