Google Sites: Creating a Basic Site

Google Sites is a great tool for creating webpages. Google Sites is not only easy to use but it also brings together all of the other great GAFE services in that it allows users to embedGoogle-sites-icon Google Docs, Drawings, Youtube Videos, etc. It is also a great way for teachers to share student projects via a class website or to create student portfolios. For more uses, read Richard Byrne’s  5 Ways to Use Google Sites in Schools or Technology Enhanced Learning’s  10 Ideas for Google Sites in Education ways to use Creating a site is fairly easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Click on the Google Apps Waffle
  3. Click on sites and enter the sites page
  4. Click on the red “create” button on the left hand side of your screen
  5. Choose a template, click on:
    • Browse Gallery for More- to work from an existing site template created by LMTSD or to search public templates. Some pre-made template will be hard to modify.
    • Blank Template– to design your own site from scratch
  6. Enter a name for your site. The name and URL you choose must be unique within your domain. You can change the name later, but you can’t change the URL.
  7. Click on choose a theme and pick a theme for your site. Each theme comes with a preset background, color scheme, and font selection. You can adjust fonts, colors, and the background later, and you can always change the theme once the site has been created.
  8. Optional:  You can click on more options to categorize your site or to  add a site description.
  9. Click on Create

Now you are ready to add pages to your site

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