Quizizz reviewed by Cody Pearson (LMHS World LanguageTeacher)

Website: http://www.quizizz.com/

Google-compatible: YES

iPad App: NO Quizizz does NOT have an iPad app — it is completely web-based, and accessible via any device with connectivity. Students and teachers can sign into Quizizz through Safari or Chrome apps.

PRO: Students are able to work at their own pace while still competing with the rest of the class. It is a great formative assessment for teachers, and all the data from the students’ responses is stored and easy to analyze.

CON: None

Specific Teaching Activities: I have used quizizz as a way to review material before an assessment, as an exit ticket, and also as a warm-up at the start of a lesson.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.09.03 PM.png




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