How To Run Flash For Your Online Textbook On The iPad

One of the best features of online textbooks are the interactive activities and graphics. However if you are using  the iPad you cannot access these features because you cannot access Flashimages.jpeg

A simple solution to this problem is to download the free  Puffin web browser. The Puffin browser supports the latest flash over the cloud for iPads. Follow the steps below to download Puffin on your iPad.

Getting the Puffin App

  1. Log into the staff intranet
  2. Go to the Technology Information Page
  3. Complete the App/Ext/Web2.0 request form 

Using the Puffin App

  1. Once you have received the app, you simple need to click on the app to open up the browser
  2. Once you are on the browser click on the menu, found in the bottom right hand corner of the screen- it is three dots
  3. Click on settings and unblock pop-ups (since most online textbooks use pops-ups)
  4. Return to your browser, type in the address from your online textbook and login to use the textbook


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